It’s a difficult for me to write about myself. Writing is not my thing actually…

I grew up on Bali’s neighboring island Java.  Early in my teenager years something life-changing happened. That was when my parents, who were both avid hobby photographers, bought me my first camera.

I was completely taken by the possibilities that this camera offered me. And from the outset it was human activity that interested me most. I wandered about into town and into the villages to photograph people and their daily activities. That taught me to be a keen observer.

Since part of my family is from Bali I was always drawn to this magical place, its culture and the lovely people here. So I decided to attend university in Bali. One thing lead to another and after completing my studies I started to work for several wedding photo agencies in Bali.

After a few years of doing this I felt it was time to bring things to the next level.  … I wanted to realize my own vision of wedding photography.

I feel very privileged and humbled that I can live and work in this wonderful place that is Bali. And be part of all those amazing weddings, meeting people from across the globe.  I could not wish for a better job and treasure every minute of it.

I would be humbled to be part of your wedding in Bali. If you like my portfolio please drop me an email and tell me about your wedding in Bali.

Local Bali wedding photographer

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