Q: Do we get all the photos on disc without watermark and in High Resolution, so that we can make our own prints back home?

A: Yes, you do. From me you get all the photos on disc as high resolution files. And you can then do whatever you like with your photos. They are all yours!

Q: What equipment do you use?

A: I use professional CANON cameras and lenses. I always come with backup equipment, so that something fails it will not impact my ability to document your wedding.

Q: Do you also sell albums?

A: Yes, I do. We usually hold a meeting with every client on one of the days before the wedding. During that meeting, we will show you the album options available. 

Q: Can you speak English?

A: Yes. While my English is certainly not perfect I am confident it will be sufficient for us to communicate. And I never had a client who complained they had difficulties in communicating with me. You may also want to see the testimonials here on my website to confirm that.

Q: Are you from Bali?

A: Yes and no. My mom was originally from Bali, but I grew up in Java. The neighboring island. I have spent the last 6 years in Bali. And I enjoy living with my wife and my children in this magnificent place that is Bali.

Q: Do you have backup equipment in case your camera fails ?

Absolutely. You would not notice if something fails. Neither would it impact my documentation on your wedding.

Q: How would you describe your photographic style ?

A: Shooting-wise: Pure wedding photo journalism. Editing-wise: Natural editing.

Q: How fast after the wedding will we get our photos?

A: For Express delivery 2-3 days after the wedding. However, the more time you allow for the editing the better your photos will be. Because we spent quite a lot of time to hone your photographs to perfection in post production. 
Also, you do not need to worry about your photos being ready before you leave Bali. Because many of our clients receive their photographs via a download link from where you can download the photos conveniently regardless of where you are.

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