It was such a pleasure and joy to take those family photographs for the lovely couple and their son. For me, this was a first timer because it was our first family photography session Ubud. And the couple had chosen a truly stunning resort where those family photographs were taken. It was very easy for us to work with this young family.

I think you can see how relaxed they were for those family photographs. Family photographs can be a gamble, especially with kids. This is because you never know how the child will react to the presence of a family photographer. In this case, it was very easy for me to make family photographs because the child connected very well with me.

Unfortunately, it was raining on the day when these family photographs were taken. So we worked for one hour and then decided to come back on the next day in the morning for more family photographs for this lovely couple. The weather was perfect on the second day. So we could also do more family photography around their resort.

Guys, it was a great pleasure working with you. Please come back to Bali for more family photography.

Thank you very much – Martin

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